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Friedrich Schiller


by Friedrich Schiller, translated and freely adapted by former poet laureate Robert Pinsky.
(playing in repertory with Coriolanus)

"The play in and of itself promises epic results, with legendary characters, larger-than-life warfare, and even a sword fight or two for good measure, and epic results it delivers."

"Stephen Pickering is fearless and funny. Five out of five stars. Wallenstein is not to be missed. A tour-de-force. Surprisingly funny, sharp, and shattering."
DC Metro Theater Arts.

"Strikingly achieved...Such a unqiue, thoughtful pairing of plays is what a classical company of note is all about."
The Washington Post

"The ambitious Hero/Traitor Repertory series is a perfect example of the kind of theatre at which the Shakespeare Theatre Company can excel - epic scale, fine acting, and superb production values."
Broadway World